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Mother's embrace - Answers to all the nightmares

Today I attempted my hands on creating a snippet out of a prompt on nightmare and mother's embrace. I will look forward to your comments.

Anybody out there, she yelled
can someone not hear me, she cried
I am stuck and scared, she pleaded
this place is very dark and icy cold, she wailed
please help me, she continued

An icy cold nudge lay on her shoulder
she froze but her heart raced
she felt hot and sweaty with fear
her temples damp, her eyes shot with tears
she bellowed her lungs out, leaving her gasping air

A warm embrace rocked her
It felt familiar, she felt home
hush my baby, she heard her mother say
it's over, it's gone, her mother pacified
Open your eyes, her mother assured
hush my baby hush, you are safe, continued her mother.

What is a PR business? A concerned father's question to his daughter who is in PR industry

My father always helped me understand the value of education especially in girls' life but lacked information when it comes to Public Relations (PR). Even though he took a while to admit me in mass communication and journalism under graduation course in Manipal University, he was still not equipped with the right knowledge and insights on the PR industry. He had heard multiple versions and stories about PR industry. Some were outrageous and some funny. Eventually he had it enough and wanted to know a firsthand account on this industry. So he approached me as I was the best person according to him.  Also, I am the one who is experiencing the pulse so he requested me to explain what I really do and how I am staying relevant in media industry. I had to break his preconceived notion on the dynamics and operations involved in our PR industry. That’s when I used an analogy of a 'coach'. What I told him was as follows:
A coach wants her students to excel in their expertise area …