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Top 5 Things You will Learn About Pet Parenting

The whole of my formative years, I was always surrounded by pets—either cats or dogs, domesticated cows etc. When we turned into a nuclear family, we had dogs living with us. So being around pets is not new to me, except I never got involved while raising them. I would just be there when things were beautiful and not when they turned ugly, including pet's nature call or sickness. My mother or sister would always be around to take care of them.  In 2020 when I decided to become a pet parent, what did I choose as my pet?

What is a PR business? A concerned father's question to his daughter who is in PR industry

My father always helped me understand the value of education especially in girls' life but lacked information when it comes to Public Relations (PR). Even though he took a while to admit me in mass communication and journalism under graduation course in Manipal University, he was still not equipped with the right knowledge and insights on the PR industry. He had heard multiple versions and stories about PR industry. Some were outrageous and some funny. Eventually he had it enough and wanted to know a firsthand account on this industry. So he approached me as I was the best person according to him.  Also, I am the one who is experiencing the pulse so he requested me to explain what I really do and how I am staying relevant in media industry. I had to break his preconceived notion on the dynamics and operations involved in our PR industry. That’s when I used an analogy of a 'coach'. What I told him was as follows: A coach wants her students to excel in their expertise a