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Mother's embrace - Answers to all the nightmares

Today I attempted my hands on creating a snippet out of a prompt on nightmare and mother's embrace. I will look forward to your comments.

Anybody out there, she yelled
can someone not hear me, she cried
I am stuck and scared, she pleaded
this place is very dark and icy cold, she wailed
please help me, she continued

An icy cold nudge lay on her shoulder
she froze but her heart raced
she felt hot and sweaty with fear
her temples damp, her eyes shot with tears
she bellowed her lungs out, leaving her gasping air

A warm embrace rocked her
It felt familiar, she felt home
hush my baby, she heard her mother say
it's over, it's gone, her mother pacified
Open your eyes, her mother assured
hush my baby hush, you are safe, continued her mother.

Because you are precious


While growing up and even for the matter of fact adulting, you are constantly told that you are unworthy of something. This pines you from the bottom of your heart. You want to tell them they do not have the right to treat you like that, and you are uncomfortable with such harsh words spewed at you. And if you are very sensitive to such trolls, then you experience cold flashes and hot flashes, an undefined anxiety and panic which spirals you down to the labyrinth of self pity. 

I am no saint. I have experienced all these when I was a child and also my during my growing years, heck I face such destructive criticism till date. Either people comment on my body weight / shape, or on my nature of being gullible. But now it does not bother me at all. I have stopped accepting validations about me from others. A close friend of mine once told me that I get to choose my battle. It is up to me to educate people on what is right or wrong. To an ignorant, you can never help because they chose to be ignorant. If I persist in teaching every person on my way who body shames me, ridicules me, mocks at me or trolls me, that will only drain my energy.

So next time if some one says meanest things to you, please do mention that you are hurt but even after communicating how you felt about it and the person refuses to budge, I request you to walk out and urge you not to succumb to that dungeon of self pity. That is not your place. Instead, remember below prompt which my colleague and I wrote. 

Hope you like it and I really wish you introspect on these lines. Before hitting the publish button of this blog-post, I would like to mention that sometimes walking away from certain things do not make us coward. It tell us about our bravery to chose our battle for our peace. 


  1. I can completely relate to this. My entire childhood had this phase of body shaming and random comments about how I carried myself.
    It lowered my self-confidence and turned me into a loner. Lately, I have started accepting and treating myself as the most precious, because I have understood how important self love is.

    1. Hi Simran, Kudos to you. Thanks for dropping by :)

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