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Mother's embrace - Answers to all the nightmares

Today I attempted my hands on creating a snippet out of a prompt on nightmare and mother's embrace. I will look forward to your comments. Anybody out there, she yelled can someone not hear me, she cried I am stuck and scared, she pleaded this place is very dark and icy cold, she wailed please help me, she continued An icy cold nudge lay on her shoulder she froze but her heart raced she felt hot and sweaty with fear her temples damp, her eyes shot with tears she bellowed her lungs out, leaving her gasping air A warm embrace rocked her It felt familiar, she felt home hush my baby, she heard her mother say it's over, it's gone, her mother pacified Open your eyes, her mother assured hush my baby hush, you are safe, continued her mother.

A saga of a fierce woman - A prompt

This post is a pictorial post. The written words in the image are self explanatory. Do let me know if you like it. It is co-penned by my colleague Ms. Toshi Suman Gutpa and yours truly. Courtesy : Toshi Suman Gupta and Sridevi Nayak K