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Top 5 Things You will Learn About Pet Parenting

The whole of my formative years, I was always surrounded by pets—either cats or dogs, domesticated cows etc. When we turned into a nuclear family, we had dogs living with us. So being around pets is not new to me, except I never got involved while raising them. I would just be there when things were beautiful and not when they turned ugly, including pet's nature call or sickness. My mother or sister would always be around to take care of them.  In 2020 when I decided to become a pet parent, what did I choose as my pet?

A saga of a fierce woman - A prompt

This post is a pictorial post. The written words in the image are self explanatory. Do let me know if you like it. It is co-penned by my colleague Ms. Toshi Suman Gutpa and yours truly. Courtesy : Toshi Suman Gupta and Sridevi Nayak K