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Top 5 Things You will Learn About Pet Parenting

The whole of my formative years, I was always surrounded by pets—either cats or dogs, domesticated cows etc. When we turned into a nuclear family, we had dogs living with us. So being around pets is not new to me, except I never got involved while raising them. I would just be there when things were beautiful and not when they turned ugly, including pet's nature call or sickness. My mother or sister would always be around to take care of them.  In 2020 when I decided to become a pet parent, what did I choose as my pet?

The lockdown days so far

I do really hope all are coping well. To those who are experiencing anxiety, I feel you, but trust me do not go deep down into that dungeon. It is an illusion. The reality is much far from what it tells you. Let’s start the blog post then! 

I am trying hard to be regular here; trust me thinking of new ways to share my stories is a little task. I do not want to sound boring or repetitive. Getting to the point, I am here today to write my story on how my lockdown has been so far. 

Before the lockdown was announced, I was already in social distancing mode from early March. I am at present writing this from my comfort zone in Udupi (my hometown). Since the day I reached, I have been spending time with my two-year-old niece. After the lockdown was announced, I made a conscious decision to not get into an anxiety mode. The panic attacks bring the uglier side of me. My mom recently got me a new bookshelf. She got it customized and hung it to my bedroom wall. In 2018 I’d decided to move to Mumbai, and that decision helped me pack away all my books from Bangalore to my home. Since then they were stacked inside the carton box and never saw bright light until 20th March 2020. I set up the books and was quite content on the outcome. After 25th March - the day lockdown was announced, I decided I will read the books that I have hoarded for so long. Every title of the books is my pitstops towards my journey to normalcy. 

Let me warn you, being confined to your space 24*7 can cause frustration and attract monotony in your life. So I decided to explore options where I will not be inviting boredom. I made a list of things that needed my attention; this marked my journey to take online tutorials. I logged in on Udemy and finished a course on “The Fundamentals of Creative Writing” by Preeti Shenoy. The certificate of completion of the e-course brought immense satisfaction. I decided to write a journal regularly but realized soon that my journal is in Bangalore. To write unlike the usual stuff was my only aim. That’s when I came across a tutorial on new techniques to explore journal writing.

The course instructor taught how you, as a writer, can explore your feelings and turn them into a persuasive personal essay or journal entry. All you go to do is take a prompt and follow it up as a challenge for a certain number of days. I am writing prompts regularly. This exercise was a kind of revelation to me. It helped me with a process while writing. While earlier, I would just write random stuff without any structure or pattern to my thoughts, now I write more straightforwardly.  What I mean to say here is - I have become more observant of my feelings and surroundings. Writing the prompt every day is helping me with my thought process to be streamlined and keeps my emotions in check. Perhaps this could be the reason that I do not feel anxious anymore. I am going to continue this new technique followed by other learning derived from a 30 min video course.

While starting 2020 on a happy note, I decided to read at least three books a month. Unfortunately, January and February, I did not lay my hands on any novels. There was a lot of personal and emergency travel involved. It was only in March I picked up books, and I am glad to announce that I finished this month’s three books; Yay! I have picked my next three novels for April - they are Born a Crime by Trevor Noah; The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry; and When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. This month I read The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home by Sudha Murty, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and The Queen of Jasmine Country by Sharanya Manivannan. Each book had moved me in its unique way. 

I used to sketch during my teens. I stopped it after a small incident. Now that I have enough time, I decided to learn how to play with a paintbrush and enrolled in an online course; mainly gouache painting. I will soon try my hands only after I have an adequate amount of art supplies are at my disposal. 

Watching movies is an integral part of my to-do-lists. I love watching animated films, and recently The Breadwinner (2017), a beautiful work of art by the makers, caught my attention. It is a story of a young girl living in Afghanistan with her family. The plot is set in the year 2001 when it was under Taliban rule. It was indeed a cinematic experience to watch the girl and her family struggle to save her father from prison after he was taken away without any charges pressed. She goes to an extreme length by disguising herself as a boy; the ordeal enacted pines your heart. It is a must-watch movie available on Netflix.

There are other activities in the pipeline, and I am really looking forward to ticking it off my lists. I can vouch that slowing down is not a frustration, it is truly a liberating feeling. I pray that you realize and experience it too. I want to end this blogpost with a hope that you involve yourself into something productive. This is the best time to upskill and gain new skills that will prove to be beneficial to you. Stay safe and stay at home. Have faith. 


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