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Top 5 Things You will Learn About Pet Parenting

The whole of my formative years, I was always surrounded by pets—either cats or dogs, domesticated cows etc. When we turned into a nuclear family, we had dogs living with us. So being around pets is not new to me, except I never got involved while raising them. I would just be there when things were beautiful and not when they turned ugly, including pet's nature call or sickness. My mother or sister would always be around to take care of them.  In 2020 when I decided to become a pet parent, what did I choose as my pet?

Passion and Interest Matters; No Age Bar

Today I am going to share an inspiring story. I am writing it here only for you to read it, this blog post is live for you to know that there things that are not impossible if you put your mind and soul into it. At this juncture, when time is abundant, you have the opportunity to create possibilities and find your calling. Without much further ado, let me start. 

Yesterday early in the morning I had received a mail from a good friend of mine. He is an elderly person who plays an essential role in my life presently. It was sometime in October or November he expressed his interest to take up writing as a regular activity. He was quite earnest and wanted to try his luck on writing. When I asked the reason for this enthusiasm, he replied that his experiences and opinions might be of some help to youngsters of my age and others who generally like reading personal essays. Only one problem seemed to bother him; he was too shy to start. 

Few months went by, and we both forgot about this conversation. It was only yesterday I understood my that friend kick-started his interest in writing. I congratulated him over a phone in the evening same day. He was quite thrilled about it and made a request if I could help him with a little bit of editing and feedback. I obliged because his request meant a lot to me. As far as I know him, he always keeps to himself and only mingles with people whom he considers close to him. I am lucky I am one among those 'close people'. There is a lot to learn from him from his vast experiences about life, culture, people, and spiritual.

Late in the night, I opened my e-mail to read and edit my friend's article. To my surprise, he sent me his second article. Looks like my friend is already stepped on an accelerator to become a writer. I quickly hit the download button on both the article document and started my reading and editing business. I must say he is an excellent writer and not what he claims to be - an amateur. I loved reading his experiences he has recorded in the document titled as Twin City. I was intrigued by his thought process behind his another article on Covid-19. He articulated himself so well and had a confident tone in his storytelling. I did what he requested me to do and replied to his mail with the revised draft of the article with only minor edits.

I am impressed with my friend's action on his passion and interest to write at this age when most of the youngsters are finding themselves convoluted on the web of procrastination. Everybody realises that they have their calling somewhere else and not where they currently are and yet, they give reasons for not starting. Some are lost in the unknown path to recognise their calling. This includes me, as well. Though I set this blog and paid for it, never used its full potential until the lockdown was announced.

My friend realised and grabbed an opportunity, and I am glad that lockdown is helping him kindle with his passion and interest in written words. He is not panicking; instead, he is channelling his strengths and using his free time towards things that he might not have attempted otherwise. I am glad my old friend is setting an example.

Like I said in the beginning, we have a lot of time in our hand. We are confined to spaces and monotony has kicked in our life already. Before we lose it, why not try our hands that we always wanted to by sitting at our comfort zone, just like my friend?


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