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Top 5 Things You will Learn About Pet Parenting

The whole of my formative years, I was always surrounded by pets—either cats or dogs, domesticated cows etc. When we turned into a nuclear family, we had dogs living with us. So being around pets is not new to me, except I never got involved while raising them. I would just be there when things were beautiful and not when they turned ugly, including pet's nature call or sickness. My mother or sister would always be around to take care of them.  In 2020 when I decided to become a pet parent, what did I choose as my pet?

About Let Me Squiggle & Sridevi Nayak Karopady

Let Me Squiggle is born out of numerous attempt to start a platform wherein I can begin writing narratives about things I am passionate about. I am back again with another attempt only to stay. I have failed a lot of times, procrastinated all my ideas, but this time I will take a no for an answer. 

So here it is a brand new platform for myself - Let Me Squiggle, a place where I can connect with like-minded people, share my views, opinions and tell stories along with listening to what you, as a reader, have to say.

Now let me tell you something about me. I am a person who loves the power of words whether written or spoken for they can make you / break you / at the age of social media they can even troll you endlessly. I loved writing, and my doting mother says I have always been writing, be it rubbish, sensible or just plain. Reading is my strength and also a necessity since I belong to a professional industry - Public Relations. I love reading books that have gripping narratives and dialogues. It helps me think harder, unlearn and break all the prejudices. They are a gateway for new possibilities I want to explore in my life. 

I was born and bred in Udupi, a beautiful city in the south-west part of India, but I live in Bangalore. My dad helped me understand the value of education when I was eight years old. Because of his support, my mother's aspiration and my stubborn behaviour helped me achieve the Master of Arts degree in Communication Management from Manipal University.

To know more about me, please visit my professional profile in LinkedIn


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