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Mother's embrace - Answers to all the nightmares

Today I attempted my hands on creating a snippet out of a prompt on nightmare and mother's embrace. I will look forward to your comments. Anybody out there, she yelled can someone not hear me, she cried I am stuck and scared, she pleaded this place is very dark and icy cold, she wailed please help me, she continued An icy cold nudge lay on her shoulder she froze but her heart raced she felt hot and sweaty with fear her temples damp, her eyes shot with tears she bellowed her lungs out, leaving her gasping air A warm embrace rocked her It felt familiar, she felt home hush my baby, she heard her mother say it's over, it's gone, her mother pacified Open your eyes, her mother assured hush my baby hush, you are safe, continued her mother.

FAQ for Book Review Requests

Below are the frequently asked questions. 

1. Do you review books?

Yes, I do. But it will depend on the content. I am choosy on what I am reading. I have dedicated enough time in reading many things across genre. But now I decided to focus on things which grip my attention.

2. What are your preferred genres?

I have tried autobiographies, fiction, micro-fiction, non-fiction, romance, thrillers, sci-fi, contemporary, memoirs, comedy etc., So unless I have good content to read, there are no preferred choices. I like what the narratives have in store for me. I have read books written by authors from a different country. For me, they are authors, and no nationality, race, creed or gender will come between my love towards the book. If I find some books offending, I will write a personal mail author stating my view and politely pass the opportunity.

3. Have you reviewed books before?

Yes! A lot of them. Some of them are not available but whatever I could retrieve are on my Instagram page, and other blogging sites - Tumblr.

4. What are the steps to follow if I want to get my book reviewed by you?

Thank you for approaching me. I review the books that I buy from bookstores or online because this way, I am not asked to write positive reviews only. I have full liberty to what I feel about the book. If I am biased towards the book, I mention it on my review. However, I do accept review requests if there are no paid request (because then I am obliged to write positive things). Please mail me or inbox me on my Facebook page on the details of the book, about yourself and other conditions you think you need to express to set the expectations right. I will then revert accordingly.

5. Where do you write reviews?

The reviews are published on my Instagram page, and the same is shared on other blogging sites - Tumblr, Twitter and official page on Facebook.

6. How long do you take to review my book?

I am reviewing books out of passion and love. If you are setting guidelines, for instance in three-days of receiving the book, then please do not approach me. I will instead take my own sweet time to review it. Please allow me at least a week to read and review it. The moment I have the book with me I will post about it on my Instagram page stating 'Stay tuned for next review' kinds. Once I finish the book, I will go back to the page and update the review and share them on my other social media platform. If you want me to review on Goodreads and Amazon, please communicate it before, so it doesn't slip out of my mind.


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